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Michael Bartsch

Mike Bartsch

Meet Mike Bartsch, Disaster Recovery Specialist, with ServPro of Milwaukee North.  Mike joined the Membership Committee shortly after joining SEW IFMA.


IICRC Certified for Water and Fire Restoration / 30 years of helping people in need / Caring for buildings of all shapes and sizes both in the United States and Internationally

What insight can you give about your industry?

Restorative drying is always faster than removal and rebuilding. That's our specialty.

Best Career Advice You've Ever Received:

Keep moving forward, better days are yet to come!

Hobbies & Interests:

Camping, fishing, hiking, swimming, chess, reading.

Favorite Movie or Book:

The Bourne Trilogy

What Value Have You Already Received From Your SEW IFMA Membership?

I have found many opportunities to make connections with people throughout the facilities maintenance industry.




Member Awards

Congratulations to . . .

2016 Professional Member of the Year:
Scott Wollenzien

2016 Associate of the Year (The Ralph Kuehn Award):
Wendy Lapp

2016 Sponsor of the Year:
V & F Roofing

2016 Chairperson of the Year (The Judy Vandervest Award):
Holly Eberle

2016 Committee of the Year:
Education Committee

Chair: Matthew Tadisch, LEED AP, MBA

Vice Chair: Marcia Gabriel, CPM; LEED-AP

Members: Mike Michalski; Joe Philipps; Steve Seer; Mark Sekula, IFMA Fellow, CFM, FMP, LEED-AP; Jeremy Theis

2016 Outstanding Accomplishment/Achievement of the Year:
The success of the 2016/2017 Sponsorship Drive

Sponsorship Committee

Chair: Scott Wollenzien

Mike Bohn; Jason Gosa; Jim Hill; Grant Horn; Bob Isnard; Steve Joosten; Wendy Lapp; Katie Matt

2016 Board Member of the Year:
Jeff Rinderle



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